Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment - we ask for a deposit of 1/3, with the balance due when your boiler is finished and tested.

  2. Hydrostatic Test - all boilers are given an initial hydrostatic test to twice working pressure. We provide documentation of this test. We retain the original test certificate and provide you with two copies.

  3. Manufactures Data Report. We maintain a record of all the boilers we build. This includes customer name, date built, material specifications, and basic strength calculations. We retain the original and provide you with two copies.

  4. Delivery - Where possible we prefer you pick up the boiler at our shop, where you can witness the hydrostatic test. Sometimes we can arrange to deliver at live steam meet. If we need to ship your boiler there is a charge for crating. We shop around to find the lowest rate but you are responsible for paying the shipping charge.

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